Do You Know How to Use Your Knife and Fork Correctly?

Many Prefer to Use the European Method

Correct etiquette exists when it comes to cutlery. Many people observe these rules when eating out, but when in the privacy of your own home, it’s easy to succumb to the temptation of eating using one’s fingers.

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Those in the under-thirty age group commonly perform the ‘cut and switch’, where they slice food to begin and then transfer the fork from their left hand to their right hand.

According to a survey carried out by Ask Jeeves, a total of 90% of British people in an older age group prefer to stick to the European method of using the fork with the right hand.

There are some rules of etiquette when using Restaurant Cutlery. Not only is it traditionally correct, but it’s also good manners. Only the fork and spoon should enter the mouth. It’s extremely bad manners to lick a knife or even use it to lift food. And it’s polite to always ensure that the fork tines point to the plate. It’s poor etiquette to use the fork to scoop food into the mouth.

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Good Quality Cutlery Makes a Difference

There are, however, some dishes that require the sole use of a fork, including pasta. If this is the case, then the fork should be used with the right hand, and its tines should point upward. When you have finished the meal, the knife and fork should be placed on the plate together in what’s known as a ‘six-thirty’ position.’ Good-quality Restaurant Cutlery will make a good impression, especially if guests are at the table.

According to The Irish Times, there are two different etiquettes when it comes to cutlery – the American style and the European style.

Table manners are taught when children are young, but these can easily be forgotten and overlooked as people grow older and adopt a more relaxed attitude toward eating out. Furthermore, dining together as a family at the table is becoming less common due to busy working lives, and etiquette has slowly fallen by the wayside. It is important to remember as many of the rules as possible, especially when eating out a fine-dining restaurant using Restaurant Cutlery.

And most importantly, remember that the use of mobile phones to take calls and to text is bad manners.

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