Do I need my Kitchen Ductwork Cleaned?

Kitchen ducts accumulate a lot of grease and fat particles over time which can act as a serious fire hazard in commercial establishments. In fact, at least 70% of kitchen fires originate from unclean ducts and ventilation systems. The reason for this is because of the layers of thick grease and fat that can lodge inside the ductwork, causing a serious problem for not only the environment, but the health and safety of everyone within the building. This is of course one of the most important reasons why it is so crucial to have your kitchen ductwork systems cleaned on a regular basis. But in case you needed even more convincing, check out the reasons why every commercial kitchen needs their ductwork cleaned:

Do I need my Kitchen Ductwork Cleaned

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Healthy Work Environment

When ductwork is blocked by grease, fat and dirt, the air quality in the establishment suffers. In order to maintain a happy and healthy working environment, ductworks should be cleaned because unclean ducts inadequately remove things such as cooking odours, heat and carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is of course extremely dangerous and increased or prolonged exposure to this harmful gas can even lead to death. As a lethal toxin, it is important to maintain its presence in the kitchen. Staff members will be able to work more productively in a safe environment that has not become contaminated because of poorly maintained vents and ducts.

Fire Hazards Eliminated

One of the most important reasons why you need to have your kitchen extract systems cleaned is because the presence of thick grease and fat etc. can be extremely flammable. All it takes is a single spark from the cooker to find its way into the ductwork to trigger a flame. Once this occurs, a fire can start in the ductwork, putting all of the residents lives in serious danger. On top of this, you can also be heavily prosecuted for your negligence which includes a steep fine and even possible jail time.

Legal Requirements

Commercial companies with kitchens and cooking facilities are, under the health and safety act, required to have their ductworks cleaned on a regular basis. Your insurance company will also need you to prove that you have taken the correct measurements to ensure that any grease laden ventilations systems are taken care of. It is the responsibility of the business owner or premises owner to ensure that the right measurements are taken. If you fail to do so, you could face serious problems with your insurance company, assuming they even agree to accept you as their client or not in the first place!

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