Customised Wallpaper is a great idea but where does the waste go?

ZNAK, a Latvia-based company, has created a wallpaper that is perforated, allowing users to tear off bits of their wallpaper in order to customise the look of their home.

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The wallpaper also provides the more ambitious interior designers with a way to add further customisation. Under the areas that have been torn off, they can choose to paint patterns, put other wallpapers or paint vibrant colours underneath. Using a non-woven material, ZNAK has been able to create the perforation to the wallpaper, allowing their users to have all sorts of fun when decorating their homes!  This will however mean that decorators will need to remove all of the old wall paper.  The question that often comes up after is what do you do with the waste. You could always contact a commercial recycling cheltenham company to see if they could help, especially if this something that happens regularly.
A Growing Trend

Interior design is constantly evolving, and consumers are always looking for new ideas that will enable them to express their personality within their homes. Many consumers are no longer looking for neutral tones, magnolia walls and white upholstery; instead they want eclectic mixes that will help them to add the wow factor to their home.

Over the past few years, a number of services have become available that allow users to complement their home’s interior with manipulated art, create their own furniture online or buy a piece of furniture that they can later embellish in their own unique way.

And with the rise of interior design TV programmes, magazines and online articles, consumers are feeling even more confident in their interior design abilities. From mixing and matching bold, vibrant fabrics to creating their own artwork, many people are now getting creative with their homes. And with these new exciting decorative pieces, like the ones offered by ZNAK, it’s becoming even easier to create a unique living space without spending a fortune.

Customising Homes

According to a report by Mintel , 27% of consumers are influenced in their choice of bedroom furniture by coordinating or matching items. 14% also said they look for made-to-measure or fitted items, which further emphasises just how important aesthetics in the home are becoming.

And ZNAK has definitely found a way to give customers this freedom of customisation without having to spend thousands on an interior designer. Instead, consumers who are purchasing this wallpaper are allowed to express their inner creativity, fulfilling their desire to create a customised feel within their home.

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