Current trends in wedding flowers.

If you are getting married later on this year or early next year you may be looking at booking and buying some of the elements needed like the catering, flowers and a wedding photographer. You can find a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer, or one located in your area and some incredible wedding florists such as who are a Florist Gloucester way.

As wedding photographers often show in their work it is nice to have some photographs taken of the floral arrangements and bouquets and use some inspiration from nature in your images.  So, let’s take a look at the world of wedding flowers and what the current trends are in this area.

  • There has been an increase in the use of greenery and foliage in both the floral arrangements and bouquets creating garden inspired themes that are both incredible to look at and beautifully fragrant.
  • There has been a shift from the use of blush and pastel tones in isolation and these are now being accented with deeper vibrant hues. A popular combination is soft pinks or creams matched with dark red tones. This mix of colour adds depth and warmth to the arrangements. When wanting to stick with one colour theme couples are opting for creating displays that contain all of the colour palettes different tones and hues.

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  • When looking at decorating the wedding venue there has been an increase in popularity of creating arrangements that create an experience and that the guest can feel submerged into rather than large pedestal-based ones. Some couples are opting to have the aisle lined with a row of meadow inspired flowers bringing the romance of nature into the indoor setting.

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  • To add some impact to the area surrounding your wedding cake, gift table or sweet cart or even create an impressive area for your guests to have their photographs taken many people are choosing to have a living wall set up. This is essentially a panel of flowers and foliage that can either free standing on the floor or be attached to an appropriate wall. They can be created in whatever your chosen colour theme is, and most flower choices can be incorporated.
  • Coloured candles have also been popular so far this year and are being included in table centre pieces. Candles have always been a great choice but have usually been included in white and cream colours. Once again, they are currently being used as accent colours.

Remember that your wedding venue may have specific requirements for what they will and will not allow in terms of decoration so it is worth checking with them first but other than that the choice is all yours!

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