Considerations for choosing a cattery

There is no need to avoid going on holiday because you’re worried about leaving your cat in a cattery. There are many excellent establishments for cat boarding when you know what to look for. Here are some useful tips for finding the right accommodation for your pampered puss:

Outdoor or Indoor

When a cattery refers to outdoor or indoor accommodation, it refers to the runs available. A lot of cats like to have some outside space to roam and watch the world go by, especially those who like to explore. If your cat is an indoor cat who mainly likes to sleep on the sofa all day, then an outdoor run won’t be as important. Perhaps one that offers a combination of both would make an ideal set-up for your cat.

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Factors to consider:

Each individual cat should have their own sheltered sleeping area and exercise run. The space must be of a good size to be comfortable and remain dry, warm and secure. For a top-quality Cattery Cheltenham, visit

Cats (unless they are family and sharing) should not be able to come into contact with each other or any other animals on site.

There should be sufficient ventilation and space between units to prevent the spread of infection or disease.

You will want your cat to be kept occupied as they bore easily. Somewhere with an interesting view, a sunny spot to nap in and a selection of toys from home should keep them entertained.

Different catteries offer differently designed units. You might find some with a run and a house-like structure at the back containing a litter tray and cat bed. Others will have a chalet style accommodation, while some offer a raised box accessed by a ramp with the litter tray outside. Whatever set-up you find, make sure it is waterproof, insulated and any heating does not escape.

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Of course, you want the area where your cat will stay to be clean. Take a good look around when you visit and concentrate on how it smells. If it smells like it hasn’t been cleaned in a while, look elsewhere!

Combined Cattery and Kennel

Quite a lot of catteries are found combined with on-site kennel facilities as well. Whilst this shouldn’t pose a problem, you might want to ensure that the cattery is far enough away from the kennel, so the cats aren’t distressed by barking.


Catteries must be licensed by local authorities and should always be happy to show you their certificate if you ask for it. Most establishments will display it up on the wall for customers to see anyway.

Insurance is another important consideration. Some forms of insurance are compulsory for catteries as they are responsible for the care and safety of the animals boarded with them. Other types of insurance are optional. Again, this information should readily available and on display. If not, ask why.

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