Considerations before a renovation

Do you move, renovate, or rebuild? Before you make the decision to renovate, make sure you know how much your choice is likely to set you back. For example, carrying out a renovation costs less than moving, which can add up to $ 60,000 – $ 80,000 in average housing (stamp duty, agent sales fees and removal fees, etc.)

Find the right builder

Most established and reputable builders protect their reputation and will provide full value services. Talk to a builder who specializes in renovations, because the field is completely different from the construction of a new home. And remember, you are looking for a builder who will take care of everything, with care and expertise. A company that will eliminate all stress from the process, so you can relax and enjoy the trip. Ideally, they will also offer a fixed price contract and guaranteed start and finish dates. For Construction Companies Bishops Stortford, visit

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Know what to look for in a builder

Word of mouth is always the best. Speak to your friends and colleagues. Ask who they are using and whether they are satisfied with the results. After you have made a short list, ask them to provide references, then try to contact several of their past clients, and ask about their experiences. Also ask the builder to show you their work directly. If possible, ask them to take you to some of the houses they have renovated, if not, get a few addresses and do a knock on the door yourself. Even when you knock on the door, look for a home improvement sign and tap there too. Most people in the middle of renovations will be happy to share their experiences

Know what you want

Really determine what your needs and desires are. Get inspired – see lots of magazines and websites. Definitely save images in a scrapbook. After you choose a builder, their designer will find your scrapbook very valuable. Also keep a list of “Must have” and “Nice to have” features, as some of wish items might be easier to get than you imagine.

Know your budget

Knowing what you have available to spend is probably the most essential decision when renovating. If you plan to move soon, you must be careful not to spend more than you can change from your selling price. And when deciding whether you can afford it, try to maintain an emergency fund … just in case.

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Choose quality over quantity

Don’t be tempted to save money on items that you will have for a long time, such as roofs, windows and doors. Be sure to make a commitment to quality, so fittings will serve you for a long time. We recommend spending more on areas where you will spend most of your time, such as kitchens and indoor / outdoor living rooms.

Stay or go to work?

What you feel comfortable with will depend on the size of your renovation. Staying is a lot easier if you are renovating a higher floor. If you are renovating the ground floor, it is more difficult, but your builders generally can still isolate the area to accommodate you as they continue around you.




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