Christmas Tree Makeover

Are you considering a new look for your Christmas tree this year? Tired of the same old knick-knacks, decorations and tinsel? Well look no further for some extraordinary thoughts for putting a little oomph back in your tree:

Stick with Santa and go for a totally red and white aesthetic. Red and white stockings, a Santa cap for the highest point of the tree and sweet candy cane sticks will look truly attractive and traditional.

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Royal themes look breathtaking so base your look on We Three Kings and go for imperial purples, gold and sapphire. Make your own trinkets and paste shimmering self-glue gems onto them for a considerably glitzier take on Christmas adorning. For a Real Christmas Tree Leicestershire, visit  

On the off chance that there isn’t much snow on the forecast, you can make your very own White Christmas with decorations that incorporate paper snowflakes, artificial snow and an abundance of white trinkets. You can even highlight a snowman some place as well. Fake white berries will likewise add to the vibe as will huge amounts of falling paper snowflakes.

A tree designed with candles will give off some good old-fashioned appeal, however for wellbeing, ensure they are not genuine ones!

Provincial or rustic looks are extraordinary during this season so go for wooden decorations, little brush trees and anything that looks vintage and uses natural materials.

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In the event that you’re not a fanatic of shop bought decorations, consider making your very own family recollections tree. High quality improvements can be made using old photos or knickknacks that have an extremely sentimental significance for you. This is an exquisite thought on the off chance that you have lost friends and family members and need to ensure that their memory plays a major part of your festivities and family traditions.

Having a large tree to beautify can be somewhat overwhelming, particularly on the off chance that you don’t have much space, so why not purchase two scaled down trees, place them in gold pots and decorate. Setting them on either side of a chimney or table will look awesome and be a lot simpler to manage. A smart thought in the event that you have pets that are always pulling the tree over!

If you are a lover of nature, why not pick a forest wonderland for your tree. Wooden owls, deer, feathered creatures and squirrels will be an extremely charming addition to the tree.

For a frosty intrigue, a white iced tree blended with blue and silver enhancements will give a genuine taste of winter in your home. Alternatively, for a very surprising interpretation of the winter blues, go mad with colour and treat your tree to a sample of the tropical with splendid pink, lime and turquoises.

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