Choosing the right IT support company – the questions you need to check

IT support services are essential for modern businesses that want to minimise downtime and ensure issues are addressed as swiftly as possible.

Choosing the right IT support company - the questions you need to check

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Fortunately, there are a range of companies out there that offer compelling solutions for those that want to outsource this process rather than managing it in house.

Picking an IT support company is a potentially taxing task. IT outages can be embarrassing, with even the best-known organisations liable to be affected from time to time.

Here are just some of the key questions to ask when deciding which company offering IT support in Southgate – such as – or anywhere else in the country is right for your business.

Pursuing flexibility

Flexibility is a desirable asset of any IT support package, since businesses will want to be able to grow over time and ensure that their support infrastructure is capable of expanding with them. Check that support companies have solutions that can scale to fit your needs over time, especially as cloud spending increases.

Checking charges

Hidden fees are a problem in many industries, with IT support no exception. You may find with some providers that there are charges to pay depending on how much support you require. If you suffer a number of setbacks in a short period, unexpected costs may arise.

It is important to read the small print and find out about any potential charges that are applicable. Firms that operate transparently are often going to deliver a better customer experience in the long term.

Managing monitoring

Ideally you will want to invest in a support package that includes round-the-clock monitoring for your business IT systems so that issues can be detected and addressed immediately. Finding out whether out-of-hours support is available for emergencies is very important.

Assessing accreditation

Reputable IT support companies will be fully accredited with all the relevant industry bodies and regulators; therefore, make sure they are able to provide evidence of whatever certification they have achieved.

The personal touch

A good IT support package will come with an appropriate account manager who will liaise with your business and handle any problems you face directly. It is good to be able to get to know someone at the support company to be confident that they are trustworthy.

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