British Women Rotate Their Five Favourite Outfits

Would you be surprised to learn that the average British woman wears just five outfits time after time? Two in three women have admitted that their wardrobes are crammed full of clothes which they rarely wear. Instead they keep picking their favourite five.

British Women Rotate Their Five Favourite Outfits

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Choosing the Same Old Favourites

The study by Oxfam revealed that women have one pair of favourite jeans, three jumpers or cardigans and four T-shirts which regularly get an outing. However, at least one-third of their wardrobe is never worn. One-third of women also said they rely on the same pair of black trousers every time they have a night out and seven out of 10 choose the same dress to wear for all special occasions. Men are just as guilty too, with more than half of the 1,000 who took part in the survey saying they don’t wear at least 30 per cent of their clothes either.

Time for a Clear-out

Maybe it’s time to declutter your wardrobe. If you have something you haven’t worn for ages or are unlikely to wear again, then it’s time to bag it up and give it away. Oxfam reckon that one bag of good quality clothes could raise £15 for the charity.

British Women Rotate Their Five Favourite Outfits2

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Design Your Wardrobe

It could be argued that these favourite garments are always at the front of the wardrobe while other clothes get stuck at the back. Therefore, they’re out of sight and out of mind. When you have a clear-out, do you find clothes that you’ve forgotten you even had? It’s a common problem. However, if you get the right wardrobe where all your T-shirts, shirts, dresses, trousers, tops, skirts and shoes are neatly put away, you may find you rotate your clothes better. For Dorset fitted wardrobes, you can find the one to suit you at a company such as

It’s Not Just Clothes We’re Hoarding

Four out of 10 adults also said they had cupboards full of belongings such as books, CDs, DVDs, kitchenware and toys which they hardly ever use. The study showed that at least a quarter of things in their kitchen cupboards are never used. So after decluttering your wardrobe, you may feel the urge to tackle the rest of your house. Charities like Oxfam will always welcome your unwanted goods to raise money for their good causes.

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