Beware of Bandits wearing face masks!

Written by Harley Peyton, directed by Barry Levinson and starring, Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton and Cate Blanchett the American Comedy, Crime film “Bandits” was a hilarious adventure movie.  Two friends Terry and Joe, incarcerated in Oregon State penitentiary manage to break out of the prison and go on a spree of robbing banks!  They rapidly earn themselves criminal notoriety and become known to the FBI as the “Sleepover Bandits”.  Their cunningly devised plan is to kidnap the manager of the Bank they are targeting the night before the robbery, hold him hostage along with his family in their own home.  To disguise who they are and so as not to be recognised Terry and Joe wear dark glasses and face masks. If you are require face masks that are for law abiding activities and everyday use try companies such as Respilon UK Back to the plot the following morning they take the unfortunate manager to his bank and make him withdraw all the money for them.

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The story evolves when the pair of robbers are joined by Kate, a bored housewife who has left her family in search of adventure and excitement.  The unlikely trio become entangled in a sordid love triangle but still manage to pull of several more successful heists.  By the time Kate eventually decides to leave Terry and Joe, the reward for the capture of the “Sleepover Bandits” has risen to one million dollars!

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On their last Bank robbery the pair are caught when it appears that Kate has tipped off the police but it’s another elaborate scam and the film ends with Kate receiving the one-million-dollar reward and the three of them escaping to Mexico.

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