Benefits of a wooden summer house

With house prices and moving costs on the rise, it can be difficult for growing families to access the extra space they need whilst staying in a property they are outgrowing.

Benefits of a wooden summer house

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An extension is one option, but this can be very costly, and there is also the noise, dirt and disruption that always comes from building work to consider.

In the UK, we have long been fans of sheds or wooden summer houses, as illustrated in this article from the BBC.

If you have the available space outside, a viable alternative is a large shed, workshop or summer house. Often made from wood, these types of structures are not only less costly to have built, but they are also much faster to construct and do not have all the disruptions that come with normal building work.

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Benefits of a wooden summer house2

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Advantages of wooden summer houses

There are several advantages to a wooden summer house. Because of their materials and construction, they are faster to put up and involve fewer costs than conventional extensions.


With much of the construction material being natural wood, they are made from a renewable and sustainable material that has a much lower carbon footprint than constructions made from more conventional building materials.

Modern wooden summer houses are also energy-efficient as wood is a naturally insulating material, allowing them to keep warmth in during winter and stay cooler during summer and hopefully reducing fuel and energy bills.


Being completely separate from the main residence, this building can be a great place to have a guest bedroom, a place for teenagers to hang out, or a place to escape from the family to do your favourite hobby or grab some time alone. You could even use it for a study or workspace. The choices are endless and can even be combined to suit you, your needs and the size of your summer house.

Boost your property value

The extra space in a summer house or outside building effectively extends the square footage of your property and increases the value of your home when it comes to selling your house. This is especially appealing to the growing number of people who work from home.

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