Bay window advantages

When you look at a building, you can either be struck by the beauty of its architecture or find it displeasing to the eye, depending on your personal style and taste. Thankfully, modern architecture uses a large number of design features, which means you are more likely to see a building that gives you the wow factor.

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Aside from creating an eye-catching external, some decorative elements can increase internal space and functionality. One such feature is the bay window, which maximises space inside whilst adding shape and character to the outside of the property.

What is a bay window?

Put simply, a bay window consists of glazing and frames that extend beyond the general walls of a building. It creates a bold design statement in addition to allowing more light into a room.

The look can vary greatly, from the classic semi-circle or polygon shape to triangular, rectangular or square structures. They also do not need to cover the entire height of a room. Multiple window frames can often be attached at an angle to allow more light into a room whilst creating more internal space along one wall of the property. This can help to reduce the costs associated with artificial heating and lighting while adding an interesting new dimension to any home.

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Installation at any point

Helping to emphasise the style and architectural elegance of a house, it is possible to fit a bay window at any time. This is clearly a job for qualified craftsmen, as it is vital that any new structures are supported correctly and use materials in keeping with the style of property.

When installing a bay, you could essentially be removing a large portion of your outer wall and replacing it with glass and frames; therefore, you want to be sure the job is in the safe hands of an expert.  You may overtime get cracks or damage from weather, children playing or any other occurrences so if you need help contact a specialist like a Cheltenham Glazing company.  This is just one site you could try to get more help or info on this subject

You also need to be certain that you have the planning permission you need if you are going to be making significant changes. Switching to a bay window could be treated as an extension – such is the extra room it can create – so do your homework first.

Installing a bay is a sure way to add the ‘wow’ factor to your home, perfectly combining design and functionality.

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