Are there any benefits to keeping your engine clean?

A clean engine compartment makes used cars look newer and better maintained. Some shops that carry out engine cleaning services claim that clean engines run cooler because they release the gunky build-up formed by dirt, oil and grease, allowing the engine to run a lot cooler.

Whilst it might look a lot better, is a clean car engine that looks as good as new better than a dirty engine from normal daily use? Do you really need to get rid of debris or use a grease cleanser to keep your car functioning properly? Probably not.

While it’s true that even though oily, greasy dirt that builds up on the engine can trap heat, it is doubtful that it will be enough to cause the engine to overheat or even run hotter than usual. If you experience of an engine overheating, the likely cause is more often found inside a cooling system – or because the car weighs too much from carrying loads or towing, or other problems not related to engine cleanliness at all. There is no evidence to suggest that cleaner engines work better than dirty ones. It is very unlikely that something as simple as a little degreaser or a cleaning spray can make a vehicle run better.

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However, cleaner machines do offer some benefits

However, cleaning your car’s engine does offer certain benefits. First, it greatly assists in finding out where oil or grease leaks are coming from – so that small problems such as small oil leaks can be quickly located and fixed before they become big problems. Also, as oil and grease can speed up the wear and tear of rubber and plastic components, using a grease cleaner to clean the gunk can save time and money in repairs. And should you enjoy getting your hands dirty, like reading the oil levels or checking accessory belts, a clean machine means your hands and clothes do tend to get dirty!

Many mechanics and repair shops recommend the use of degreasers and tools such as a vacuum with small nozzles, compressed air or toothbrushes to reach hard to reach places. That’s better than blasting a machine with a high-pressure hose or steam that cleans the engine, because water and water vapor can damage connections and electrical parts. Even a small burst of water in the wrong place can cause serious problems. Machine details require precision and a soft touch; trying to deal with this project in car washing or with water from your garden hose can cause disaster. A far safer option is to clean important parts with a Large Ultrasonic Cleaner from

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The cosmetic appeal of a clean machine will probably be the biggest return. Most used cars are fully detailed before being put up for sale, including many sold by private owners, so buyers appreciate seeing a clean engine when they shop. Seeing a dirty engine in a used car will damage its appeal and affect the resale value.

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