A nice or nasty drop of the hard stuff.

Since the dawn of time human beings seem to have been driven by many things not list of which is the ability to brew something that gets them either a bit or a lot drunk. Alcohol is an organic compound that they were after but a specific one (namely ethyl alcohol) not that you could drink this neat. Instead the idea was to get the stuff present in a fluid but not the whole thing. There are many ways to do this and as we all know alcohol helps an evening in a nightclub go by much quicker not that you’d find that at a Cheltenham Nightclub as you’re guaranteed a fun night out. Check out undertheprom.com to see why.

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You can get ethyl alcohol from the process known as fermentation. Once the human race learnt that we were on our way to Bacardi Breezers and Chateau Neuf Du Pape. How did we discovery it? That is lost in the midst of time but we can probably surmise that our Mesolithic ancestors, a bit stuck for something to eat and drink, picked up some apples that were a bit rotten and noticed that they felt funny ha ha and funny peculiar afterwards. Taking note that they didn’t die (eating and drinking was something of a trial and fatal error experience back then) they decided to repeat the process and try it out with things like malt, hops, wheat and barley, rhubarb, potatoes, silver birch sap  the list goes on.

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Once those Mesolithic ancestors got themselves to the Bronze Age they were starting to get together civilisations and empires for the first time. This relative peace also allowed them to refine the farming techniques they’d been working on. The Egyptians are a prime example of this. They soon realised that if they were going to spend all that time building pyramids, the Sphinx and temples in the hot sun all day then an ethyl alcohol based yeast fermentation process applied to cool water or beer as we would know it was the perfect end to a hard day. As they invented sun tan lotion as well we certainly owe them a drink.

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