A forgotten eighties gem?

If you think of the ninety eighties and the best films of the era then one of the many directors that spring to mind is that of the late great John Hughes. Hughes was to make some of the defining films of the decade especially around the theme of the coming of age teenage tales. Most notable of these was The Breakfast club, a tale of misfits stuck in a Saturday detention at high school and Ferris Buellers Day Off, about a resourceful teen who constantly confounds the world around him. He was also responsible for the extremely popular Home alone series. His films were generally about mundane suburban life for teens being suddenly blown into another dimension with magical results.

One of the best examples of this is the hidden gem Weird Science. On the face of it the premise sounds a bit creepy and this was slightly the intention as the whole thing is loosely based on the Bride of Frankenstein. Fed up with being losers Gary and Wyatt decide it is time to do something with their lives that will make them immensely popular. Moving away from the normal routes to popularity the boys use their “nerdy” skills to create a virtual girl. The two input everything they think makes up the perfect woman into a computer and by wiring up a Barbie doll to it. They then take the radical approach of hacking into a secret government computer operating system and hit enter. The precise moment this occurs a surge of electrical power flows through the house and when the smoke clears “Lisa”, played by Kelly Le Brock, appears.

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Back to the film and Lisa is more than she appears.  For one thing, she is British. She is able to conjure up things that the boys can use to look cool including cars and getting them into night clubs when they are underage. Lisa decides that the boys need direction in their lives.

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A wild party gate crashed by some Mad Max bikers ensues followed by a cruise missile stuck in the family home plus frozen grandparents before Lisa is satisfied that the boys have made suitable social progress. It is definitely film you should watch.


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