A Day in the Life of a Parcel

Have you ever wondered what happens to a parcel once it’s left your hands? You’ve lovingly wrapped it and paid the postage but what then? Or how does an item you’ve ordered online make its way to your front door? We seldom give thought to such processes but here is what happens when you use a courier to send a parcel and what are the benefits?

A Day in the Life of a Parcel

  1. Once you have safely packaged your parcel, you’ll need to weigh it so you can tell the courier service how heavy it is and how large. This is how they calculate what charge to make for the delivery. Be honest with the information or you could face additional charges further down the line.
  2. Choose a delivery option that fits your needs. You might be sending a valuable item and so require extra security features or maybe you require a signature on delivery from the recipient. You can book all this online nowadays and the courier will come to a specified address to collect the parcel. If you need to be somewhere, you can also use one of the many drop-off points for your parcel to save you waiting at home.
  3. You’ll have received a tracking number which enables you to follow your parcel every step of its journey. Use your chosen courier’s website to enter the tracking details and see where your parcel is.
  4. Courier services are able to offer a customisable delivery service that you wouldn’t get with traditional posting methods. A courier is often used for speedy door-to-door services, sensitive or valuable deliveries and repeat custom. For Berkshire Couriers, visit Berkshire Couriers independent companies such as Couriers in Bracknell http://www.uk-tdl.com/same-day-delivery.html
  5. Same day delivery is also an option that you won’t get using traditional methods. Having said that, the destination must be reachable by ground in one day! Your parcel could literally be collected from your front door, be driven to its destination and received that day. This is a slightly more costly but great option for any last-minute emergencies.
  6. A courier can deliver packages 24 hours a day, every day of the week and even on public holidays. It may cost you more on public holidays but having that option is a lifesaver for many businesses and individuals who can still send their parcels when other companies are not available.
  7. Using a courier service is great for saving businesses money as they no longer have to maintain a fleet of vehicles. Deliveries can be outsourced to a courier company who can transport deliveries to customers and move inventory between locations. This lets the business focus on the important matter of selling products and customer service and not having to manage a delivery system.

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