A Cow on the Drive – the Joys of Rural Living

Living in a concrete jungle is not good for us. In fact, research shows that life in a big city is stressful and those living in urban areas are far more likely to suffer from problems such as anxiety, schizophrenia and depression. The part of our brain that manages the way we deal with emotions and stress is negatively affected when we spend time in large crowds, and with rural living now proven to be so much better for us more people than ever before are flocking to the countryside.

Rural Living

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Countryside vs. the City

City living certainly has many benefits, from its natural hustle and bustle to the multitude of modern conveniences, but life in the countryside is simply more enjoyable. Driving up to a cosy cottage or a large country manor and lighting a log fire is a wonderful way to relax after a long day at work and beats a hectic night in a crowded bar, followed by an expensive taxi ride home because you can’t drive your car anywhere as parking is impossible.

According to The Daily Mail being exposed to natural green spaces reduces stress and is something we need to consider when choosing a place to live.

Equipping your Country Home

If you have recently invested in a property in the countryside, you will still need to ensure that you keep it safe and secure by installing gates, security systems and CCTV. You can search online for a company that specialises in automatic gates in Gloucestershire or whichever area you live in and these companies will usually offer a choice between designing your own gate and buying one that is made to a set spec.

Additionally, if you’ve contacted a company like http://protonaccesscontrol.com or others to provide custom gates for your home they should be able to advise you about some of the different security options you have such as fitting intercom systems, automatic locks and cameras.

Modern Rural Living

Long gone are the days that living in the countryside meant living without broadband, local amenities or a mobile phone signal. Modern rural living has evolved with the times and it simply means that you live a quieter more peaceful existence compared to the chaos found in a big city.

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