A beginner’s guide to domestic lighting

A badly-lit room can let well-decorated interiors down, so it is important to ensure that your home has added shine with the correct lighting. It also affects the mood in a room and can make a difference to the ambience. Quality lighting is recommended so that the perfect setting can be achieved.

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There is a wide variety of lighting on the market, from wall lights and ceiling lights to downlights, spotlights and directional lights. Some give off stronger light, while others can be more ambient.

A ceiling light is the main illumination upon which householders depend to deliver brightness; however, the overall result will depend on the shade and wattage of the bulb used. Wall lights also provide a good source of light and can be set in a particular direction to ensure most benefit can be obtained from the light.

Uplights can cast light upon an architectural feature

Uplights are a good choice for living rooms and dining areas, as they diffuse light. These are ideal for accent lighting and can illuminate a ceiling, whether you wish to throw light upon an architectural feature or simply want to create more ambience. They can create effects that are not possible to achieve with traditional ceiling lights.

In contrast, downlights or downlighters are light fittings that emit light in a downward direction with quite a narrow beam angle. The block of light is focused, lighting up objects directly underneath. They can either be recessed or ceiling mounted.

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Light creates a homely home

Perhaps you are moving into a new property and need some ceiling rose light fittings. These can be obtained from a variety of suppliers that sell ceiling rose fittings and kits. According to Seen In The City, light can create a positive atmosphere in a property, making it feel homely.

Accent lighting can be achieved by spotlights and directional lights to highlight features and create a noticeable beam of light where required. Spotlights can be fixed to a ceiling or mounted on a wall and pointed towards the area that requires illuminating.

A beginner should thoroughly research all lighting fixtures before deciding, as it is important to take into account the direction and dramatic effects you wish to achieve. Be sure that you can control the lights to achieve your desired effects.

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