70 Per Cent of Landlords Won’t Let to Students

A new study has revealed that most landlords refuse to let their property to students.

Seven out of ten landlords in the UK will not let houses to students as they are concerned about property damage and feel they are not trustworthy.

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Many students in university cities and towns across the UK feel overwhelmed by spiralling rent costs, and this bias and discrimination makes flat and house hunting even harder for students.

Despite the common perception, students make good tenants. Parents act as guarantors for the tenants, meaning there is a very low risk of rental losses or damage costs. Students tend to be far more conscientious than their lazy, party animal stereotypes, and it is thought that the lack of trust and communication has led to the relationship breakdown between landlords and students. Seventy per cent of students also felt student accommodation is run-down and in poor condition.

According to a recent study, 60 per cent of students find securing rental properties more stressful than sitting exams, studying or job hunting. It’s vital that students renting for the first time know their rights and responsibilities and seek support when needed.

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Student Union housing teams can play an important role in ensuring students are not taken advantage of, and develop prosperous relationships where decent landlords provide quality rental properties to students.

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The Lettings Market

Both landlords and students are dissatisfied with the current situation in student lettings.

With the private rental market in the UK showing signs of slowing, now may be the perfect time to branch into student lettings.

Currently, only 17 per cent of National Landlords Association members let their rental properties to students, with some thinking of student lettings as a specialist area.

Student lettings are not for everyone, but they can offer the highest yields in the rental market. These landlords are also less likely to encounter rental arrears than other tenants.

Because this is often their first experience away from home, it can be a confusing time for students. They must feel they can contact their landlord. Some students won’t always act appropriately when it comes to rental property, but the same can be said for private tenants.

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