5 ways to get your home ready for autumn

Although we don’t seem to have had much of a summer yet, we’re already heading towards the autumn and so it’s time to start thinking about how you should get your home ready in preparation for the autumn season and winter beyond.

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Cover your assets

It’s important to check that your buildings and contents insurance policies cover you properly for the types of damage that are more specific to the autumn and winter months, such as damage caused by burst and frozen pipes or by very high winds, although these can, of course, occur at any time during the year.

You can also take steps yourself to prevent some damage, by making sure that external taps have a suitable cover, pipes are well lagged, you have sufficient insulation in your loft and that you’ve had your boiler checked and serviced.

Checking your radiators to see if they need bleeding is also a good way to ensure that your home stays warm in the autumn and winter months. If they are colder at the top than at the bottom then, in general, they have air trapped in them and need to be bled.

The top reasons to play music in your retail store 2

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Of course, if you live on a managed estate or in an apartment block, these are tasks which might be done for you, and companies such as http://clients1st.ie/ provide this sort of property management in Dublin.

The Met Office has a whole host of tips that you might find useful to help you prepare you and your home for the winter.

Autumn gardening jobs

Although gardening generally takes a bit of a back seat in the latter part of the year, there are still one or two jobs that you should attend to before the autumn sets in, which will help to maintain your property and prevent damage.

Make sure that you clear out any loose leaves and debris from your gutters and drainpipes, as this will help to prevent them from getting blocked and backfilling with water that could potentially leak down the roof and walls of your home.

Cut back any trees that have branches hanging close to the house, as this will not only prevent any further build-up of loose leaves falling into your guttering, but also prevent branches breaking off under the weight of snow or high winds and damaging your property.

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