5 Ways to Decorate Your Rented Flat

Rented flats are the enemy of design, with landlords often putting restrictions on what can or can’t be done within a property. When the property in question is student accommodation, then rules about decorating can be even more restrictive.

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There are some basics that students need to be aware of when renting, but what can you get away with when trying to improve your temporary home?

To Decorate or Not to Decorate?

The rule is to go for it! This is your home, however temporary, so it should reflect aspects of your personality, even if in simple ways. This may only be a short stay, but you don’t want to be surrounded by decor that makes you unhappy.

Versatility Is Key

Your first flat might have a giant living room, but you could move on quite quickly to something more cramped, so don’t splash out on furniture that won’t travel easily. Keep it simple and practical with furniture that can adapt as your environment changes.

Simple Changes

From new-builds in London to Gloucester student accommodation, it’s common for landlords to have very basic accessories within the property. Simple changes such as replacing the handles on kitchen cabinets can make a difference without costing the earth, and the original handles can easily be switched back when it’s time to move on.

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Window Dressing

One of the easiest changes to make is to the windows, with curtains and blinds being transportable and adaptable. Make a statement with your windows and you can get away with your walls remaining plain.

Painting the Walls

Lots of student shy away from the idea of painting, thinking about the work it would take to return the walls to their original state, but you don’t have to go crazy and paint every surface. You can make a difference to small areas that can easily be painted over at the end of the tenancy and provide a welcome change to the decor whilst you are in residence.

Whether you are in halls of residence or have rented through a site such as www.studentaccommodationgloucester.co.uk, you can make small differences to your rooms so that you feel more at home.

Student accommodation needn’t look like a bland and basic room. A little imagination and it will be a welcome space to work in.

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