5 Tricks for Cleaning a Dry Wipe Board

Dry wipe boards, or whiteboards as they are often called, are arguably the most important piece of equipment in any classroom or business pitch. It is the tool that connects pupils to their learning and engages listeners with what is being said. Making sure your board looks clean, professional and ready for lessons and meetings is vital, but occasionally stubborn stains and pen marks can be difficult to erase. Whilst professional wipe board cleaners are available to purchase, it isn’t always necessary to have these to hand, as these everyday products work just as well and can be found in most kitchens or maintenance cupboards.

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Hand Sanitizer

Magnetic dry wipe boards for schools are as essential as hand sanitizer, and most schools these days have boxes of the stuff. The best ones to use for cleaning are the alcohol-based ones, as they do the job best. So if your school has a magic white board, simply squirt some gel on to a dry cloth and wipe – leaving your hands germ-free as well as your wipe board.


A quick shout-out in the office and before long you should find a colleague with hairspray in their bag or locker. Simply spray over the stains you wish to remove and then rub gently, removing any remaining stickiness with soap and water.

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Toothpaste is often recommended as an antiseptic.

As well as leaving your teeth clean and mouth fresh, it can also remove stubborn marks from most non-porous surfaces such as dry wipe boards. To freshen up your dry wipe board, just add a small amount on a damp cloth and rub gently.


A cup of coffee in the mornings is almost as essential as your dry erase board from https://wedgewhiteboards.co.uk/. Simply rub a small amount of coffee granules on to a damp cloth and then wipe the residue away with a separate clean cloth.


Vinegar is magic. Over the years many people have sworn by it for cleaning windows, removing stains from clothes and even as a lime-scale remover. It can also be used as a cleaner for your dry wipe board. Just pour some neat vinegar on to a dry cloth and scrub – you’ll be amazed at the results.

Any one of these should leave your whiteboard looking brand new.

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