5 tips for choosing a woodburning stove

Cosy yet stylish, wood burning stoves have become increasingly popular over the last few years thanks to their sustainable credentials. Here we look at what to consider before you buy one.

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Fuel efficiency

Having a wood burning stove in your living area is not only a great focal point but also a good way to try to cut down on your heating bill. They can be expensive, ranging in price from about £500 to more than £2,000, so you need to make sure you get one that gives the right amount of heat for your home and does not cost too much to run.

Well-seasoned, responsibly-sourced timber is an energy-efficient fuel that is carbon neutral in addition to being aesthetically pleasing when burned. While open fires lose about 90 per cent of the heat they generate up the chimney, stoves burn at between 70 and 85 per cent efficiency.


If you live in a smoke control area – check with your council – you will need to buy one of the Defra approved multi fuel wood burning stoves. According to DEFRA, you can only burn unauthorised fuel, such as wood, in exempt appliances. For advice on buying a clean and efficient stove, you might want to consult a specialist to ensure that the particle emissions have been tested and certified.


There are hundreds of different types of stove available, from classic cast iron designs to state-of-the-art modern versions made of steel or ceramic. Go for one that fits the style of your home and decide how much wood you want to see burning through the glass pane. Do you want built-in log storage underneath? Do you want it to sit on legs or straight on the floor? You may also want to consult with the Fitted Kitchens Norwich company that is redoing your kitchen to make sure the stove you choose fits with the rest of the style.

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Traditional wood burning stoves are matt black and sit on four legs; however, you can opt for a different colour from plain white to shocking pink. You can also choose to have your stove wall-mounted; alternatively, if you are going for an ultra-modern look, you can choose a model that appears to be suspended in the room.

Maintenance is relatively easy, provided you clear out the ashes and remove soot from the internal surfaces and glass regularly. Doing this should ensure your stove provides warmth for at least 20 years.


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