5 more ways to run your dental surgery better

When it comes to running your dental surgery business better, you can never have too much good information. Here we present our next five ways in which you can improve yours.

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1. Digital Staff Scheduling

The ability of every business to retain the best staff is critical to creating the type of surgery patients want to visit. Research shows one of the most common reasons employees leave their positions is not because they dislike their job; it’s because of in-office friction. The best way to combat this friction is to minimise scheduling headaches, and scheduling software can help you do this. It’s one piece of dental equipment you’ll find very useful.

2. Flexible Financing

Dentistry can be expensive, and even with insurance, some procedures leave patients out of pocket. This means many possible patients delay their dental work, and you lose out. A surgery with a financing agreement in place can help patients spread the costs more comfortably.

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3. Out-of-hours Surgery

Good customer service creates a good business, and in today’s world, customers expect to shop evenings and weekends. For a dental surgery, this could mean extending your hours, offering two evenings a week for appointments or even a Saturday morning surgery. This could dramatically increase your effectiveness.

4. Build a Team

Many dentists work alone with their assistant and receptionist, but the more services you can offer, the better. While taking on more staff at your surgery may be out of the question, building partnerships with other local dentists, surgeons and denturists could be a great way to combine your practices and create more cash flow. This is great when you need to visit Photo Surgical Systems for your new surgery equipment.

5. More efficiency equals more patients

If you often find cancellations and no-shows are leaving dead time in your day, it’s time to start overbooking phases of the day. While this might sound risky, if you pencil out a couple of appointment slots during the day, you can then fill these with emergency call-ins if time allows or use them to catch up when all your patients make their appointments.

These may seem like small things to consider, but when taken all together, they can really improve your business.

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