5 more hot trends for garage doors in 2017

The garage of a home can be so much more than just the area where the cars are stored. With some attention, the garage can not only look great but be a valuable extension of the home’s living space. The uses of a garage are only limited by your imagination.

5 more hot trends for garage doors in 2017

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Embracing Technology

Technology is having an effect on almost everything, and the garage does not need to be left out. An app for your smartphone could allow you to ascertain whether the garage door is shut or open, what is in there, when it was used last, or even what temperature it is. Imagine being able to do this from any place around the globe. Insulated garage doors can also be another positive addition. Insulation always has a beneficial effect on a property, helping to maintain temperatures and reducing energy bills. Improving the insulation of your garage doors improves the insulation of your home.

More Style, Less Hassle

Garage doors, especially those that work electronically, are becoming more efficient. As part of this trend, companies are providing round the clock services for installing and maintaining garage doors. Some companies will even inspect the doors, service and maintain them automatically. Sometimes, of course, doors become run down. In London garage door repairs should be carried out before the damp weather makes the problem worse.

Adding a Touch of Individuality

Garages can be used as another living space for the home or a productive space for a home based business too. A garage can be a work room, a play room or a spare bedroom, and needs a smart entrance to match. This is where customisation comes in. With the resources of the internet, it’s not difficult to find all kinds of options for improving your garage doors and giving them more personality and style. According to The Guardian, one home owner even used his garage doors to record local wildlife.

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Today attractive garage doors are within everyone’s reach. With options in terms of materials, colour and design, garage doors that add value to your home are simply a matter of shopping for them.

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