15 Home Décor Trends for 2017

If you’re refreshing your home this year, we’ve got the latest trends to keep your style up to date.

15 Home Décor Trends for 2017

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Affordable Art

Works of art don’t have to be expensive, and online marketplaces have made it easier for artists to sell direct at affordable prices.

Unique Light

Light isn’t just functional, and it’s becoming more a work of art, which can bring a room together.

Warm Metals and Gem Tones

Interior design has moved away from stainless steel, with warm metals the hottest look. Gem tones also help to give a room a bright and luxurious finish.

Feelings of Wellness

The energy emitted by surroundings can promote wellness, and there is more emphasis on natural light and feng shui within interior decor.

Designer Showers

Consumers are divided on the benefits of shower/baths over walk-in showers, but the current trend is for showers packed with features and high-tech finishes.

Luxury Finishes

Homeowners want their property to have a luxurious edge, including the warmth of polished nickel and the clean lines of oak laminate flooring.


Pantone’s colour of the year is greenery, which emphasises the style for bringing the outside in and the need to escape our hectic lives.

15 Home Décor Trends for 2017-2

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Stylish Homeware

Many homeware items are now worthy of Instagram, as we look to add pieces that our friends are envious of and which feature the latest technology.

Well-Designed Tech

Technology used to be ugly and hidden away, but designers are introducing goods that we can have on display.

Divided Kitchens

The trend in kitchens was to be completely open-plan, but we are seeing the benefits of semi-separate rooms that give the space more purpose but still provide the ability to socialise.


Designers are introducing new textures that are pleasing to touch as well as nice to look at.

Lived-in Feel

Rather than wanting a show home, we’re seeking a lived-in and homely finish with luxurious soft furnishings and oak laminate flooring, such as the styles available at wood floor warehouse.

Stylish Accessories

When pace is limited, choose stylish appliances that match your decor and can be left out.


You can mess around with angles and curves by introducing more geometric designs, such as round, hexagonal and triangular items.

Connected Homes

Smart homes are the future as more devices are Wi-Fi enabled to allow us to improve areas of our lives.

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