How to recover a document immediately if you have hung Word

One of the most common misfortunes of modern life is the loss of workdone in front of the computer simply because we do not press the save button on time. And with “on time” we want to say every 30 seconds. If you are not addicted to Ctrl + S, you have probably suffered many headaches in your life.

Luckily, if you use Word, the Microsoft text editor has implemented several functions over time to prevent tragedies. Office 2016 and the most recent versions come with a function that stores automatic recovery information every few minutes.

Clicking File > Options > Save you can edit the amount of time it takes for Word to store a copy that will automatically recover in case you close without saving, or the system crashes.

When you reopen Word, the option will immediately appear on the home screen to show the recovered files. If not, you can access them by clicking File > Open > Recover documents without saving.

This will take you to the following route …


There you will find copies of all the backup files that Microsoft Word does and whose extension is .ASD.

If Word has hung completely, you have lost the work you did and the program does not offer you a recovery file, or you can not find anything in the default folder, you can try another method: open File Explorer, click on This Computer and in the search box type “* .asd” (without the quotes).

The ASD files found by the browser will be all the backup Word documents have made. Double click on them to open them with Word, and if it does not work, open Word and navigate to the path from there.

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