What to Look for When on an Autumn Woodland Walk

Although the weather is getting cooler, there is still so much to see outdoors and a country walk at this time of the year is fantastic for both your mental and physical health. As the colours change on the trees, wrap up warm in boots and warm clothing like these Aran Sweaters from Shamrock Gift, and look out for these autumnal spectacles…

Fungi – This is a great time to see all of the species of fungi that live in our woodlands. Don’t eat any of them however, as there are lots of poisonous species! See if you can spot a puff ball, or the Fly Agaric mushroom, the ones seen often in children’s books surrounded by fairies – distinctive scarlet with white spots.

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Fruits – At this time of the year, the natural world has a whole host of fruits available, which are adored by the local birds. From the crumble favourite, the blackberry, to the sloes of the Blackthorn and the Haws from the Hawthorn trees, this is a good time to spot many species of birds as they look for fruits.

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Seeds – This is also the time of the year when many trees start dropping seeds, ready for new trees to grow. Look out for the keys that come in clumps from the ash trees, the helicopter shaped seeds whirling down from the sycamore trees and the acorns that of course are the seeds of the oak, and the hazelnuts that squirrels will also be after!

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