What is Surveillance?

Surveillance is the observation of activity, actions, or data for the purpose of manipulating, controlling, influencing or directing the performance of someone else. If an employee is installing computer software at work that will give them access to company property without consent of the employee, that too is surveillance and illegal.

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Surveillance by others, whether it is government, businesses or private entities, has a long standing history in most democratic societies around the world. The reason why surveillance is used is to collect information on individuals for the purposes of influence, management, direct action or direction. This information can often be used maliciously to take advantage of the target’s personal life.It can also be used to expose fraudulent or criminal activity. For more information on a Private Detective London, visit https://isg-investigations.co.uk/

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Surveillance can occur without physical observation too. For example, many companies hire private investigators to obtain information on competitor’s employees, customers or clients. A private investigator can use a variety of methods to obtain information. Some of these methods include secretly video taping (oral and/or videotape recording); secretly placing bugs; and obtaining documents. If a company wishes to protect its assets, such as in the case of competitor’s taking advantage of a weak client’s business position, or stealing information, a private investigator can often be hired to investigate.

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