What is a Rose Black Spot?

Rose Black Spot It’s a small spot that forms on a young rose bush as the flower buds are opening and are beginning to dry up and die (known as pinching) of course. This is a common problem with young roses but can occur at any time – even after the flower has flowered and your rose bushes have stopped producing flowers.

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The spots generally appear as rounded areas of brown or blackish color on the underside of the petals, which are usually lighter than the rest of the rose. They can form quite large patches and extend for considerable lengths of time, sometimes covering the entire rose stems. The flowers will eventually bloom but often the spots disappear before they’re replaced by new blooms. It can take weeks before the spot is fully dry.

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Preventing what is a rose black spot from occurring in your roses is a simple matter. Make sure you water your roses well in advance of the planned time of bloom. Don’t let them dry out in the sun, because that encourages development of what is a rose black spot. You can also try putting an apple peel on top of the soil when you water your roses to help ward off any pests or insects that may be around at the time. There is also a Black Spot On Roses Remedy that you can buy to help your roses if they become affected.

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