What are surface treatments

As the name suggests, surface treatments, like those from Poeton are applied on concrete and metal surfaces to bring about a change in the appearance and/or condition of the surface. Most people think that such treatments are only required for patios and parking lots. However, the truth is that even the driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, driveways and other main public areas like malls, parks and plazas can be treated.

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The basic reason for applying such treatments is to increase the aesthetic appeal of the building, by making it look smoother, without sacrificing the structural integrity. In fact, most building owners apply concrete surface treatments on a yearly basis to maintain the quality of the property and to make sure that it remains free from stains caused by liquids that penetrate through its surface.

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In addition to bringing about a change in the exterior physical aspect of the structure, surface treatments also have another important purpose – they protect the structure from external attacks that may damage its external facade and insulation. For this purpose, various types of exterior coatings are used, including stamped or stencilled designs, hot stamping, rubber stamping and many others.

Such coatings are designed to resist external attacks and help maintain the integrity of the structure, even after years of exposure. The best part about exterior coatings is that they are very affordable, and thus, are very popular among home owners. It is suggested that a routine maintenance procedure of such metal surface treatments should be done on a regular basis to keep your home looking new and clean.

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