Tips for ageing well

To enjoy a long and happy retirement, you’ll want to age well. So, with so much conflicting advice on what we should eat and what we shouldn’t, should we drink wine or shouldn’t we – how can we be sure we are acting in the best interests of our health? Here are simple tips for ageing well for which the advice has never changed:

Daily walking

Exercise doesn’t have to be gruelling or all-consuming as a simple daily walk is great advice. Walking is one of the most effective forms of exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels. It doesn’t have to be a trek either as just a 30 minute walk per day can reduce the risk of a variety of illnesses. There are lots of ways to incorporate walking into a daily schedule, such as walking to the shops instead of driving, taking the grandchildren to the park or joining a social walking group. Consider the benefits of living in a retirement community where it’s easier to meet people of a similar age. For details on Gloucester Park Homes for Sale, go to www.parkhomelife

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Be sure to engage in activities that make you smile and laugh. Smiling releases feel-good chemicals into your system that can boost our mood and our health. Do fun things, whatever they may be and don’t consider it a waste of time as smiling and laughing is definitely a health matter!

Be with positive people

Spending time with people who make you feel good is important for both mental and physical wellbeing. There is heaps of research that shows how important socialising and happiness are to the health of older people. Try to find activities that get you out and about, meet new people and cut those ties to any toxic relationships you may have.

Eat well

A healthy, balanced diet is an essential element of ensuring that you age well. There is a ton of information surrounding what’s good to eat and what’s not so good so the issue isn’t knowledge but a lack of discipline. If you don’t have an iron will, consider not having the wrong kind of food in the house to begin with. If there’s no chocolate in the cupboard, you can’t eat it! Try to dabble in home cooking, which is often much better for you and find out you can replace your favourite treats with healthier alternatives.

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Save time for nature

It is well documented that spending time in nature is good for the mind, soul and body. It’s important to make time to explore the natural environment. Whether it’s walks along the beach, picnics in the woods or picking wild flowers – spending time appreciating the wonders of nature is highly beneficial.

Deal with stress

Stress is very harmful to the body so finding ways to destress is vital. Whether you are able to rid your life of specific stressors or learn to deal with the stress better, your health will thank you for it.

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