Three Things You Can Do Better Than a Wedding Planner

Deciding to organise a wedding can be a daunting prospect, so it’s no wonder so many people are turning to the services of wedding planner. But while a wedding planner can take on the lion’s share of the project management duties, they can’t do everything. From tasting the bespoke cake to listening to your potential Dorset wedding band, some things you can do better yourself.

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1. Getting to Know Your Photographer

Style is a very personal thing, and you’re going to want your wedding photos to capture yours. While the best photographers book up months in advance and a planner will call them immediately, they can’t tell you if you’ll love his style. Research styles you might like, such as formal portraits, candid shots or journalistic formats. Then ask your potential photographer to show you examples of other weddings he’s done in this style.

2. Explore Flowers and Décor

When it comes to decorating, only you can know how much is too much or not enough. If you’re hiring a room in a hotel or restaurant, you may want seat covers, ribbons and standing flowers to make the scene atmospheric. However, if the venue is a stately home, anything more than flower centrepieces may seem excessive to you. Talk to gardeners you know about gifting greenery and seasonal flowers for buffet tables or button holes. Many guests will be happy to oblige.

3. Find Your Wedding Band

Go online and get in touch with professional bands, such as Fat Cat soul party band, who are gigging in your area. It’s essential you hear the wedding band before you sign them, but also that you feel you like them and want them at your wedding. Don’t forget to discuss the playlist, and ask to see how they will dress and ask how many breaks they will take. A wedding planner might be able to secure you the most popular band on the wedding circuit, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right band for you.

For most couples, having a wedding planner is certainly a luxury, but it’s not essential. What will make a wedding exceptional are the personal touches. Make sure your nuptials reflect your tastes and your wedding will always be a special one.

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