Three Activities and Skills to Learn Now that Lockdown is Over

If you have spent lockdown wanting to get back out there and enjoy life, now is your time! There is so much on offer as the world springs back to life, and if you want to learn new skills, then here are some ideas to help inspire you…

Swimming is great exercise but if you are fed up with the swimming pool and want to swim surrounded by nature then look into wild swimming. There are many books and online resources that will help guide you and point out the best locations to enjoy this whether you want to swim through woodland waterfalls or in the sea. Always remember to take safety precautions and if it could be unsafe don’t do it.

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Dancing – There is so much fun to be had dancing and it is a skill that you can just get better and better at the longer you do it. Practise the sultry salsa somewhere like these salsa classes London or traditional ballroom dancing if you are a Strictly come Dancing fan! You could even learn more exotic dances like belly dancing – there is bound to be something that appeals to you.

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Horse riding is not only a fantastic way to exercise but it also gets you out and about and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful British countryside whilst also learning to master this skill. As well as this many people find being around animals therapeutic and the bond between a horse and a human is certainly a special one.

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