Planning an outdoor, fun activity Birthday Party for children in Cheltenham.

Planning and funding a Birthday Party for a group of young children, in the Spa town of Cheltenham, can come with a hefty price tag. Try not to get stuck paying for expensive venues, instead, think outside the box and take your youngsters and their guests to an activity centred Playground or Park.  Don’t hire a hall or a bouncy castle, you will save a fortune and the children will have a lot more fun by taking them to one of the well maintained and safe Playgrounds Cheltenham.  Well looked after by a professional team of expert gardeners such as these playgrounds are fun, safe, child friendly spaces.

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Pittville Park Cheltenham, for example, has plenty of fun activities to keep even the most active child entertained.  With a large sandpit, running water, an in-ground trampoline, swings, slides, roundabouts and even a zip-wire. There are also plenty of open, green spaces to play football, tag or hide and seek and then to sit and enjoy your range of home-made sandwiches and refillable bottles of fresh, cold water. You could make up your own party bags for each individual child and bake a Birthday Cake especially for the Birthday boy or girl.

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You can rely on the Park to be clean, well maintained and the equipment to be safe because of the hard work and dedication of the team of gardeners that care and tend to these green, family friendly spaces.

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