How to Buy Gifts for Those Hard to Buy for People

At Christmas time it can be stressful trying to get everything sorted and ready for the big day. From buying the ingredients and prepping the Christmas dinner to making sure you have the tree and all the decorations (and that they are all working!) and of course one of the most stressful parts of all – making sure that you have great presents for everyone, even the people that are difficult to buy for!


If you are finding it stressful to pick out the perfect gift for someone, here are a few ways that you can get some inspiration…


Have a wander – Going around the shops may help you to find something that will catch your eye such as this black Secrid wallet from EJ Menswear. If you have a look around, something might jump out at you that would be a great gift.

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Make a List – Putting a persons likes and hobbies onto a list can make it easier to come up with gift ideas – maybe they enjoy a particular hobby that you could put a voucher towards such as golfing or photography? Or maybe a magazine subscription on their favourite interest?

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Become a Detective – A little bit of stalking on social media and asking around friends and family for clues is a great way to get some ideas! Maybe someone has mentioned in passing that they would like something, perhaps they have liked things on social media, or maybe there is a particular brand that they adore.

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