How the Iron Age Changed the World

Throughout early human history we have defined periods of time by the uses of materials which have changed the way that humans live. The iron age was one of the time periods of greatest change in human history and brought huge changes to civilisation as a whole. Following the stone age and the bronze age, the iron age started roughly around 1000 BC, but it depended on the region as some parts of the world changed more slowly than others.

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Previously, in the bronze age, it was always bronze that was considered superior – however, this changed when the discovery of steel came about and people learned that by heating iron with carbon, steel, a much harder metal could be made. Weapons and tools made with steel became much more desirable than their bronze predecessors and the iron age was underway.

In the UK, the Celts who lived off the land embraced the iron age, as it made huge improvements to their farming and agricultural activities, and they also made other items such as swords and shields – useful when defending against attacking clans, and cups and bowls.

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The iron age is something that changed civilisations all over the world, and today we still rely greatly on metal in our modern world. Technology is constantly evolving and nowadays we can use all sorts of things to change the metals such as these Bending Machines From the huge skyscrapers lining many of the worlds cities, to the aeroplanes we use to travel, metal is as much as part of our world as it was thousands of years ago during the iron age.

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