Baby gift ideas you can try yourself

If you want to create a sumptuous gift for a newborn baby, there are plenty of ideas you can try. From patchwork quilts to bibs and delightful crafted items, it’s time to get the creativity flowing.

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A patchwork baby quilt will look stunning

A simple patchwork quilt can brighten up the nursery and it will look chic next to the baby gifts. Whether you are a seasoned quilter or new to the craft, with plenty of tutorials online you can create a quilt that is cosy and cute. Follow a favourite pattern or ask crafty friends for help and advice.

Bibs are a must-have item

A perfect upcycling idea that will keep the baby grow dry, you can create a pink or blue bib or even choose a neutral palette. They are simple to make, and you can select cool and vibrant patterns, like dinosaurs or rabbits.

Soft rattle blocks are great for beginners

If you are a DIY novice, these are a great idea for beginners. They are easy to make and will look great at a baby shower. Use a variety of colours and textures and you can add a rattle insert to the block for sensory enjoyment.

If you are stuck for ideas, the Independent has some useful suggestions on what you can buy for a baby.

Baby headbands make a cute present

A crocheted baby headband is perfect for a present or for your own baby. Cute and colourful, it is sure to be a talking point when you have your baby out in the pram.

Crochet is a great hobby that can allow you to create a variety of gifts. Crochet blanket kits are available from specialist sites such as

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A quilted changing mat always comes in handy for new parents

Learn to create a handmade quilt for your baby as nappy changes will be plentiful. You won’t require a lot of material and you might even already have a piece in your craft kit. You can choose any colour or pattern of waterproof soft fabric to create the quilt.

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