Why I want a summer house in my garden.

I don’t know about you but one thing I’ve always wanted is a summer house for my garden. Its jus that wonderful look of the natural wood against the back drop of the flowers and plants that really brings a garden to life. It also adds so much more to the garden and to the house itself don’t you think. I have got plenty of plans for the one I want and luckily as I live near Worcester Summerhouses are really the thing to have to take advantage of the brilliant summer weather we get up here. I’m hoping that the Indian summer we’re supposed to have materialises as well. If you feel like looking into getting one For Worcester Summerhouses go to https://worldofsmile.com/conservatories/ they have an incredible range that will suit any garden size and also any pocket.

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Let me tell you my grand plans. Like most of us I need an escape and the best place for that is in the comfort of my own garden in my own home. I’m lucky, I’ve been spending the last 3 to 4 years planting and nurturing a load of plants like lavender and calendula and begonias and some nice hardy fuchsias in my garden. Plus, I have two wonderful climbing clematis that I’ve managed to keep the slugs off so now it’s in full swing producing a variety of purple and white pink flowers all intertwined. The only trouble is you can’t really appreciate it from the house its better to be sat out in it. My summer house is going to be filled with the following, a shelf of all my favourite paperbacks, so I can dip into them like the old friends that they are. I also intend to have an electric supply added so that I can enjoy a nice cool drink, but I think I might get one of those travel kettles out there and mini fridge for some milk You cannot beat a cup of tea in the garden. One thing I will have is my digital radio out there. It is my full intention to stick on women’s hour and let Jennie Murray and the gang entertain my whilst I do the weeding. Then I might even switch it to Classic FM and see if its true if classic music makes flower and plants grow.

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Yes, it’s going to be my little space and mine alone. Unless the other half wants a bit of break. I suppose I could let him in to make the tea and doze off for a bit.

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