Where should I position home security cameras?

Before you start installing a home surveillance system, you’ll want to fully prepare for the placement of your home security cameras. You may want to ask the following questions:

Where do you think you really need a security camera?

Where are the weakest places on your property?

Are there any doors or windows that are obscured from view that could be very attractive to thieves?

Has your home experienced break-ins, even when the previous owners lived there?

If there was a break-in, where was it?

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Avoid making these common mistakes:

  1. Forget to secure indoor and outdoor cameras

One of the biggest installation mistakes is not securing safety cameras, which means surveillance cameras could possibly be tampered with. So where are the best places to position outdoor home security cameras to avoid the possibility of tampering? Generally, placing the camera 9 feet above the ground is a safer location.

The placement of security cameras inside and outside the home may be a bit different, because outdoor security camera suffer damage more easily in harsh weather conditions or get stolen by thieves.

  1. Thinking cameras can multitask

Cameras are not able to multitask. You need to decide what tasks you want the camera to do when considering placement. People often forget the camera cannot take in a person’s face, number plate, and the house across the street as well, especially if they do not have a plan of where to place the camera. For help with Bristol CCTV installation, visit a site like https://www.bristolfire.co.uk/cctv-systems/

  1. Place the camera in the highest point

Many people put their cameras at the highest point of their property, thinking it is the best site to place CCTV cameras to see the place in full. While it would provide a larger display, you will not get a very detailed look at the features of any potential criminal.

  1. Using a camera without wide dynamic range in doorways and windows

Many fail to take into account whether the camera has WDR when placing in doorways and windows. Cameras without this feature will produce an image that can hardly be identified. When parts of an image are very dark but other parts of the light, you cannot see the detail in the dark areas without wide dynamic range in the camera. So, when you make a decision on where to place a home security camera, make sure the camera features the WDR.

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  1. Failure to provide adequate lighting

No matter where you place a home security camera, do not forget to deal with lighting for night time recording. If you don’t have a night vision security camera, you must provide sufficient lighting so that it can record the footage clearly even in the dark. However, placing a camera too near to bright lighting will cause disturbance to the image. A good point to note also, is that an outdoor camera facing into direct sunlight will cause lines to appear on the image.

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