Ways to save money on your heating

  1. Place foil behind the radiator

The heat from the radiator tends to flow near the wall rather than into the room, this can leave you nice and warm walls but the rest of the room feeling cold. Placing foil behind your radiators reflects heat back into the room. It can make your heating more effective to save money.

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  1. Program your heating

Now you can control your heating even when you are not at home. Programming your boiler to start up half an hour before you wake, and half an hour before you come home will ensure you do not overuse your heater. This can save you a generous amount of money a year. For help and advice for Boiler Service Essex, visit a site like Essex County Gas, suppliers of Boiler Service Essex services.

  1. Block the draughts in your home

A draught can cause your home to feel cold even when the heating is on. Use draught blockers to stop the cold wind from sneaking in. You can buy draught excluders to place under the door and add some self-adhesive into any cracks around the window to make sure you stay warm.

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  1. Bleed your radiators

It’s time to examine how your radiators are heating, so give them a feel from top to bottom. If the radiator is cold at the top but warm at the bottom, bleeding it should resolve this issue. If your radiator is not working efficiently you will most likely turn up the thermostat. Just remember that higher temperatures mean higher heating costs.

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