Tricks to take advantage of the terrace

It is about good weather and we want to enjoy the sun and sunsets. If we are lucky enough to have a terrace that image becomes even more interesting. Now if this stay is not properly decorated maybe even give us a little embarrassed to take our visits to a coffee. We give you some tricks to take advantage of the terrace or garden of your house.

The first thing one must assimilate is that the terraces are not to accumulate things that do not come home, so it’s like you lose unwillingly space! Eye, are not for that stay completely naked and do not go there or flies. Getting an ideal terrace is much easier than we can imagine, and cheaper than expected.

Tricks to take advantage of the terraceHow to take advantage of the terrace or garden house?

Let’s see some tricks to take advantage of both our terraces and gardens; you will see how it becomes your favorite place in the house.

Lights: They are an indispensable element of any terrace or garden. Playing with lighting is always a plus in this type of environment, especially if the format is rather decorative. We not even need to spend us much because even with simple well placed bulbs get a comfortable, bright and friendly atmosphere.

Yes, you look for an interesting way to hang them. If we hung high enough we can go alternated with flower bulbs. To lower the price of the flowers we have several ideas. On the one hand, we’re typical yogurt jars to function as makeshift pots and on the other we acquire fake flowers or buy plants that do not require too much attention and not grow beyond measure.

Sombreros: It is important that there is a shaded area on the terrace or garden. In the first awning it is preferable while in the most appropriate place gardens are pergolas. This really can get away a bit of money but it is important to protect from the sun, especially in these months when incident more.

Other Furniture: That furniture that we will place in the garden should be according to the space available. If this is rather small we can choose objects with curved lines as they provide a feeling of more space. If you are thinking of rustic and cheap furniture we have an idea that surely you’ll love.

Get several pallets, this will be depending on the height at which you want the chairs and how many need. Paint them, barnacles, give yours that personal charm. Then join and paste and place a cushion above, preferably the same size as the pallet. You can even put a backup with another pallet, but here we enter further complications.

Vertical-Gardens: If you do not have a garden and your terrace is not very wide can annotate this idea. It is making a real garden wall. It brings freshness, joy and grace to space and we can find more or less expensive to other truly low cost options. If we continue with the pallets, we can put them on the wall and put in the remaining gap pots we want. It is best to be plants that stand out because if the idea does not have too much grace.

Another good idea is to catch bottles (washed and without stickers) and hang them on the wall with plants more we feel hungry. While, yes, it is best to be realistic, we are given good gardening? If not choose plants that do not require excessive care. Keep in mind that in this area will give much sun, so check which is the best.

What do you think these tricks to take advantage of the terrace or garden house?

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