Top bathroom renovation tips

When renovating a bathroom there are many factors to consider, both practical and aesthetic. Whether you require the installation of boilers in Haslemere or are simply choosing which taps to purchase, every decision can affect the final result.

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These simple renovation tips will assist you in streamlining your home improvements and ensure that your bathroom is transformed into a beautiful, relaxing space that meets all your requirements.

Select timeless fixtures

Elegant fixtures that won’t date a bathroom are an excellent idea, as investing in quality pieces will not only create a lovely environment but will also stand the test of time. Certain modern styles quickly become dated, while clean lines and stylish yet simple designs can fit in seamlessly with almost all decor.

Try out a bath first

Before you purchase a bath, try sitting in it. A comfortable bath is essential and only by testing it out will you be able to determine whether it is the right length and offers support where you need it most. If bathroom space is limited, always opt for a smaller, deeper tub.

Maximise available space

Bathrooms are generally quite small and maximising the available space, or making use of newly-found space, is essential. A company such as will be able to assist with all your boiler needs and general plumbing requirements and will ensure you make the most of the space you have. Often plumbing fixtures such as cisterns can be recessed or hidden, freeing up room for other essential items.

Choose a style that works for you

Across the globe people have very different ideas about bathrooms; however, when you are renovating your own space it is essential that you design it to suit your needs. Double vanity sinks are an excellent idea if you are a couple sharing a bathroom, for example, or make sure you create a shower area that meets your exacting requirements if you tend to shower rather than bath.

Choose flooring carefully

Bathroom floors are subject to plenty of wear and tear and need to be long-lasting and able to stand up to daily use. Selecting a durable water-resistant non-slip option is always best. Ceramic, marble, tiles or well-sealed hardwood floors work well and are easy to maintain. Underfloor heating is also a consideration and adds an extra level of comfort, especially during the colder months.

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