The most expensive houses in the world

While the common mortals see them and want to be able to own a house, or rather, to be able to pay the mortgage month to month to be able to enjoy our small and comfortable home, there is a small group of people not only suffer these problems and burdens but can acquire exclusive homes, of large dimensions and with great detail, and worth many millions of dollars.

The magazine Forbes has made a particular ranking of the most expensive properties in the world, with their courage, their characteristics and where they are located. It will be good to take a look at this top-10 in case we are ever touched…

The most expensive houses in the world1- Updown Court: this house located in Windlesham (England) is the most expensive in the world. Its market value reaches $ 139 million. Their numbers are dizzying in all senses because it has 103 rooms, 5 pools, private cinema, bowling, squash and tennis courts. An entire people could live in it.

2- Starwood State (Aspen, Colorado): The second house, mansion or whatever we want to call these “humble dwellings” reached stratospheric figure of 135 million dollars. It belongs to Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz and has a total area of 56,000 square meters, divided into 15 rooms, 16 bathrooms, offices, stables, tennis court and indoor pool.

3- Maison de L’Amitie (Palm Beach, Florida): This house belongs to billionaire Donald J. Trump and costs $ 125 million . Located in front of the ocean, its luxury reaches to have a conservatory and a ballroom.

4- Waterfront Estate (Istanbul, Turkey): This spectacular house has 30,000 square meters and has 64 rooms. In total, $100 million.

5- Toprak Mansion (London, England): This mansion really is a palace of 28.00o square meters . An 80-meter-long living room, its four kitchens, its Turkish bath and sauna or an indoor pool are another of the impressive features of this 92-million-dollar home.

6- Three Ponds (Bridgehampton, New York): this residence does not lack any detail. It has its own golf course, 14 gardens, own house for guests and an Olympic swimming pool. Its value is 75 million dollars.

7- Pierre Penthouse (New York): It really is a hotel and owned by Martin Zweig. It has all kinds of luxuries, such as a wine cellar, library and has a black marble staircase and marble bathrooms. Your living room has views of the entire city. It costs 70 million dollars.

8- Locksley Hall (Belvedere, California): It is a palace with 6 rooms and spectacular views of San Francisco, Angel Island and the Golden Gate Bridge. 65 million are the ones who should pay to try to acquire it .

9- Oceanfront Estate (Malibu, California): House overlooking the beach and the mountain has seven rooms, tennis court, swimming pool, stables and riding school and a price also 65 million dollars.

10- Gold Coast Mansion (San Francisco, California) is a palace of 65 million dollars and with great detail, as evidenced by being conducted in French limestone.

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