The bugs that hide away in your carpet

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Do you ever think about all the delightful dirt, germs and bugs that are hiding in your carpet? Probably not is the answer unless you have to get a Carpet Cleaner Hereford way to come in and give your carpet a good deep clean. If you were to ask Octokleen Carpet Cleaners Hereford based company what bugs hide away in your carpet they would probably mention some of the ones that are shown below.


Bed Bugs – not just confined to your bed area these bugs can be found anywhere that it is nice and warm. They typically come out at night time and although they do not pass on any diseases or infections they do bite, although we don’t always notice it. Professional carpet cleaning equipment can warm up to incredible temperatures that can remove the bed bugs. You can sometimes find that a carpet cleaning company will also clean your mattresses if you think you have a problem with bed bugs.

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Dust Mites – these tiny bugs don’t cause illnesses but they are thought to be responsible for a number of common allergies that people experience throughout the year. They feed off the skin and other debris that we shed throughout the day and can be found in everything from our bedding through to the carpets in your home.


Carpet Beetles – these beetles can infest your carpets and when they increase in numbers they can also move into any of your furnishings and have been known to also like dried foods.

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