Problems with Drains – Keeping your Drain Healthy!

Something that we seldom notice until something goes wrong with it is our plumbing. Hidden away underground, our sewage and waste pipes take all that dirty water away from the home, and different pipes bring clean water in. This is something that we often take for granted until there is a problem with it!

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Often, it is not easy to spot damage to our home drainage system. Because drains and pipes are mostly hidden away, it is not easy to spot when you have something going wrong with them. However, it is best to sort a problem out sooner rather than later, as the longer something is left, it is not only likely to be more damaged when you get to it but is also likely to require a larger and more expensive repair job to be done!

Something that would be beneficial to everyone is to have their drains checked regularly. In the modern world, this is something that professional companies like this drain lining surveys Wilkinson Environmental drain lining can do thoroughly and with ease. This will give you the peace of mind that all is well with your drains, and if any damage is discovered, it can be resolved before it becomes a much larger problem!

There are lots of things that can go wrong with drains, but here are three common problems that you might find…

Tree Roots – The roots of trees are one of the biggest destroyers of drains! This is something to look out for if you have trees near to your home – as the trees grow larger the roots will seek out damp areas underground – they will then break into the pipes seeking moisture which as you can imagine causes a lot of damage.

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Flooding – If you have recently had a flood or a lot of heavy rain, the drain may have been overwhelmed, and this can cause problems all around your drainage system – from blockages from floodwater debris to the movement of your homes foundations, it is a good idea to check drains after flooding.

Blockages – What we put down the drains can cause all sorts of problems – something that you should always be aware of is ensuring that things that shouldn’t be put down the drain go down them.

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