Items You Should Never Pour Down Your Drain – And What To Do About Them

The list of items you shouldn’t pour down your drain never seems to end, but with all the things that can become clog from clogged pipes, it’s a good thing to have a list on hand so you don’t end up regretting doing something so simple. For example, coffee grounds are one of the worst items you should never pour down your sink. They smell so as an alternative, you can pour the coffee grounds into your rubbish bin, food waste or even use them on the ground to ward off slugs. If it has been a while, just run some water and flush the toilet to clear out the blockage. One of the most useful preventives is the inclusion of Drain Lining that can be completed by a company like Wilkinson Environmental.

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Another thing you should never pour down your toilet is chocolate. Chocolate will get stuck to the inside of a toilet trap and then solidify in the u-bend itself. This will cause your trap to overflow and fill up with nasty smelling suds. As an alternative, you can buy a plunger to try to unclog your toilet.

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Finally, one of the most obvious items you should never pour down your drain is leftover food from a Roast dinner. Yes, Roast dinners can get messy, so make sure to wipe out any excess food before it gets left in the trap. If you have trouble getting food out of the u-bend, then you might consider using a plunger. However, only use a plunger if you have a full tank of water. Otherwise, just make sure the drain is running clear and flush the toilet to remove the food and grease.

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