Is your roof trendy or Hip?

A Gable or Hip style roof are the two most common and classic styles of roof seen all over England.  The designs are very similar but the Hip is a much more intricate and expensive style. With the two sides of the roof sloping towards each other and meeting at the top this style of roofing allows the rain to run off easily into the connecting drains. This traditional shape also allows for easy loft extensions and a lot of families extend their houses to make room for growing children. For Cheltenham Roofing ideas try companies like

Chocolate box cottages with beautifully thatched rooves are a traditional site in the quaint, picturesque villages around the Country.  The craft of thatching, has been handed down through generations, from Grandfather, to Father, to Son.  The thatcher uses layers of straw, rushes, heather or water reeds compacted tightly together, shaped and secured with wire.

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Popular for use on extensions, out houses and garages, the flat roof style, is very popular as it’s more cost effective.  Almost level the 10-degree gradient or pitch is just enough to allow the rain to run off.

Colourful roof tiles are more commonly found on the Continent and have been used all over Europe and the Mediterranean. They have been found In Greece dating as far back as 600 B.C. Being made from clay, concrete and terracotta the colours can vary from home to home.

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