How to Unblock a Sink – Basic Plumbing Tips

Whether you’re in the plumbing trade or just an interested homeowner, it always helps to know how to unblock a sink. Having knowledge of how to unclog a sink helps when you have to perform maintenance or clean up certain things. There are many ways that you can perform the task successfully but in order to be successful, some methods are better than others. For supplies and Copper Pipe Fittings, visit a site like Watkins and Powis

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The first step you should do is to find the plughole. Once you have located the plughole, start to unscrew the drain plug that is attached to the pipe beneath the sink. Once the drain plug is loosened, you should continue to undo the nut that is attached to the pipe before continuing to unscrew the drain plug. Now that the drain plug is free, you should insert one end of the snake through the pipe. Once you have inserted the snake, you should start to twist the end of the snake as you slowly turn it around.

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In order for you to prevent yourself from getting hurt or making matters worse, you should consider hiring a professional plumber to do this for you. Try to avoid doing this kind of work if at all possible because you would be doing a lot of unnecessary damage to your pipe and any other stuff inside of your sink if the blockage cannot be located or seems worse than you initially thought.

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