How to improve the thermal insulation of your home

A home with good thermal insulation we can save money, because it retains heat better in winter and cold in summer and does not create much need to use devices that give us the desired temperature at each station. We talked about how to improve this service in your home.

Keys to improve the thermal insulation of your house

First, to achieve this we must strengthen the various parts of the house for which there may be cracks or whose material does not allow either retain both cold and heat in the atmosphere.

How to improve the thermal insulation of your homeActually, the first thing we have to do is ask an energy certification of the house to know exactly the areas that we must change. In addition, we must take into account that the more extension have our property, most likely involve air leaks.

Generally, the parties to which we should pay attention are: windows, doors, floor and ceiling.

We begin with the windows. It is recommended to double – glazing and ensure that the material (preferably PVC) adheres well so that no chink not escape. Low emission crystals appear as a good installation option in this case. On the other hand, the addition of awnings and blinds is a plus especially in summer, when given the very strong sun and this can relieve us from excessive heat.

The doors must be totally isolated because here air can enter or escape and destabilize the thermal environment. There are specific products for that you can find in any market without much difficulty.

The material they are made walls influences the degree of isolation. It is desirable that have double coated with a gap of about five centimeters thick, which is where we will place the insulation.

Undoubtedly, the parties who usually pay less attention are the floor and ceiling, but remain an important part when it comes to conditioning the stay in this topic.

Wooden floors meet very well the hold function , especially if they have a certain thickness. You can add decorative elements such as rugs or carpets put to cold weather, but it is recommended the first option as it can be removed in warmer seasons.

As you can see, there are many alternatives to strengthen the material and structure in our home, you just have to know what are the weaknesses and act on them.

What do you think these ideas to improve thermal insulation? Did you ever carried out?

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